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1st August 2014

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1st August 2014

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Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair


this man has gone too far

how is he able to do that better than i am

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1st August 2014

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What a bunch of A-holes


What a bunch of A-holes

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1st August 2014

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These are the collector’s pins for “Guardians of the Galaxy”. There’s only one I don’t have but it has limited quantities so I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get it.

Also, these are surprisingly clear photos coming from my tablet…

Nevermind. I got it. Collect the whole set.

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31st July 2014

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The villains! Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” character posters for Nebula, Ronan and Korath.

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31st July 2014

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31st July 2014

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These are the collector’s pins for “Guardians of the Galaxy”. There’s only one I don’t have but it has limited quantities so I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get it.

Also, these are surprisingly clear photos coming from my tablet…

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31st July 2014


Guardians of the Galaxy

So, I just finished watching “Guardians of the Galaxy” a few hours ago. No big surprise: IT IS FUCKING FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Everyone NEEDS to see it!

This is why:




To start with I must admit I am not a comic reader, but I am a huge comic book movie fan. I would love to actually read the comics but I am the kind of person who cannot jump in to the middle of a book or TV series, and always need to begin at the beginning. Comics make this difficult since you’re talking about nearly a century’s worth of intertwining, interconnected stories. It’s difficult to find an entry point - and I would LOVE suggestions on that, BTW. All this means that I don’t have all the requisite background knowledge of the non-Earth areas of the Marvel Universe that someone coming in from having read the comics has, apart from a little here and there when I randomly spent a few days going through dozens and dozens of Wikipedia pages for various comic book characters.

This film takes place almost entirely outside of Earth, in the larger Marvel universe, with alien races taking the stage front and center. There is a lot of information about the society and politics of all these various species and it would be very, very easy for the filmmakers to overload with stuff the comic fans know but new viewers, or people only familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (I.e. the Iron Man/Captain America/Thor/Hulk/Avengers films), would be unaware of and unable to follow. Luckily, there was a very talented filmmaker at the helm. James Gunn, the writer/director, fucking killed it. (Seriously, a round of applause for James Gunn. He did an amazing job.)

"Guardians" never gets bogged down or overloaded by the amount of information it is presenting the audience. It expects the viewer to be sharp enough to keep up, and then charges ahead, revealing a rich, beautiful galactic culture in the middle of some very uneasy politics. As a result, it is complex enough to stand among the titans of SciFi universes, like "Star Trek" and "Star Wars". There is infinite room for story telling, and it can go into much bigger stories than those we’ve seen from the Earth-based superheroes of the MCU. It also gets to be a lot sillier in some places than the more straightlaced superhero films.

Our hero, Peter Quill, is first presented to us as a quiet little boy, sitting alone in an empty hospital corridor, letting the music on his Walkman drown the sounds of what is waiting in the room. I won’t get in to what happens, but I will say it’s not the first time I’ve been brought to tears and literally said out loud, ” Fuck you, Marvel.” It may be the fastest, though, so - again - good job James Gunn.
The next we see Peter is as a confidant man, purposefully striding through an alien wasteland. He is mysterious, with his face-obscuring mask, and big, red overcoat. Then the mask dissolves away, out come the headphones, and he begins dancing and lip syncing to the music. If you don’t fall in live with him here you have no heart. He’s handsome, roguish, and flat-out adorable. Chris Pratt kept the charming goofiness we came to know and love on “Parks and Rec” and melded it with the insanely hot body of “Zero Dark Thirty” and, voila, Marvel has another heartthrob named Chris. (And blasphemous as it may be, I think he might have stolen the Number One spot.)
As he’s traipsing through this place he comes upon his target, a fairly unassuming little metal orb behind a forcefield, and promptly knicks it. As soon as he has it some bad guys show up and demand to know who he is, etc. He gives them his name, and his nom de badassery ‘Star-Lord’. They are not impressed. Quick action scene, narrow escape, and then a very funny bit with a very cute and colorful girl.

I won’t break down too much the nitty gritty of the story, so let me jump ahead to Gamora, Nebula, and Ronan. In a very dark bit of space, on a very dark spaceship, there is a very dark room, with a very blue man with a very dark heart. This is the Kree (see also those aliens I was talking about earlier) warrior who will serve as our big bad baddie - Ronan the Accuser. Played by the always excellent Lee Pace, Ronan is a man out for blood, and a lot of it. There has recently been a peace treaty signed between the Kree and the Xandarians, after a long ass war, and Ronan does not approve. His father and father’s father and so forth have fought and died in this war with the Xandarians, and he wants to make them pay. Since his government won’t do it any more, he makes friends with a bigger, badder baddie - Thanos, who you may remember as the enemy behind Loki’s attack in “The Avengers”. In exchange for the orb (which Peter has just stolen) Thanos will destroy Xandar for Ronan.
Thanos has lent Ronan two of his “adopted” “daughters” to help him complete this task, the green-skinned Gamora and the blue-skinned Nebula. Gamora, played by Zoe Saldana, fast talks her way into the job of retrieving the orb, rather than Karen Gillan’s Nebula. There is some very clear sibling rivalry between them. The dynamics between these two characters was actually one of my favourite elements of the film.

On Xandar, as Peter is on his way to fence the orb and Gamora is on her way to retrieve it from him, we meet Rocket and Groot. I’m sure you’ve seen the trailer - Rocket is a talking raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper and Groot is a giant tree man voiced by Vin Diesel. This is what I meant by “sillier than straightlaced superhero films”. The scene is wonderful, funny and I really, really loved Groot and the water fountain. I find Groot very reminiscent of Vin Diesel’s role as the Iron Giant from the film of the same name. The man can do A LOT with minimal dialogue voice roles. I have always maintained that he is incredibly underrated as an actor.

Peter has gotten a pretty substantial bounty on his head - not from the bad guys who caught him stealing the orb, but from his own people who he double-crossed when he stole it before they could. (Look for Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn as the Ravagers’ leader and his head lackey, respectively.) Rocket and Groot decide they will be the ones collecting this bounty - by literally tossing Peter into a big bag.

The end result of the altercation between the three parties - Rocket and Groot, Peter, and Gamora - is a quick trip to a nifty space prison. Here we pick up the fifth and final member of our Guardians: Drax the Destroyer. Drax’s family were killed by Ronan, and he received his appellation by destroying substantial numbers of Ronan’s people in return. Suffice it to say he and Gamora have a fairly tense relationship.

I don’t want to talk about the plot any more. I’ve already basically done the short version of the first half of the film. So, I’ll move on to the characters and performances.
Chris Pratt is absolutely, pardon the pun, stellar as Star-Lord. His beatific expression when he is finally recognized by the title is magnificent. He’s incredibly charming, goofy, sweet, and likeable. He’s utterly believable as a man who uses his charm to mask some very serious hurt. Peter is a character who looks out for number one, who flirts and hooks up with whatever catches his eye, and who feels in a lot of ways like a boy who refuses to grow up, but there is never a question of him being a bad person. He is in a state of arrested development, as will happen when a child suffers an incredible trauma and is immediately catapulted out into the larger universe, away from Earth and humanity. When it’s time for him to grow up he does, but not too much. It’s a really strong arc, though I will say it does feel a little rushed in a few places, and some of the connections - specifically to Gamora - felt a little thin.

Zoe Saldana’s performance was strong as well, but I have some mixed feelings about Gamora. As the only woman among the Guardians, Gamora winds up being the voice of reason, the one pushing for the larger picture, and the one calling for everyone to do the right thing, the one with a teary voice pleading with the men to help other people rather than themselves. It concerns me that she is relegated to these stereotypically female behaviours. This doesn’t really jibe with what is clearly established of who she is right from the beginning. Characters repeatedly talk about how she is Thanos’s adopted child, helping him in his murderous quest across the galaxy, trained to be a living weapon (which I think are the exact words they used for her), etc. For someone who is meant to be a highly trained assassin, a living weapon, she spends a lot of time all but whimpering as crowds of men hold her helpless and prepare to inflict harm upon her. This is until she gets the drop on them, of course, at which point she is briefly badass again. Her character arc and her backstory explain why she wants to help people, but I was bothered by the fact that she is consistently the only one working from an emotional place (except grief, which one of the two acceptable man-emotions along with anger).
And, again, I felt that the connection between her and Peter felt rushed and a bit thin. It didn’t really seem to make sense for them to behave toward each other the way they did.
I did really love the “family” dynamics between her, Nebula, and Thanos. Thanos specifically states that Gamora is his favourite child - not in front of her, but in front of Ronan and Nebula. Nebula’s response to this was incredibly interesting. It clearly bothers her, but it doesn’t slow her down a whit. The sibling rivalry and the need to be first in their “father“‘s affections are very clear motivators for Nebula, particularly since both she and Gamora are ready and eager to turn on Thanos at the drop of a hat. He tortured them, changed them into the weapons he wanted, and they both hate him for it. Gamora was able to retain a moral center, from which her emotionalism stems. Nebula just went evil. I really liked that about the character.
Karen Gillan’s performance was generally pretty good, but there were moments that felt over-the-top or unnecessary, particularly when she is yelling at minions and things like that. I think most of the problems were in the dubbing though, like picking lines from different readings where the emotional levels aren’t the same. I would like to see her back in the next film. I want more of the fucked up family dynamic.

Lee Pace was pretty much the same as Karen Gillan for me. The villains were played a little too over-the-top. He’s a very simple villain - very straightforward: just an angry, bloodthirsty guy who doesn’t want the war to end and realises he doesn’t need his allies when he hits a power threshold. But Ronan is so much about his own presentation - his facepaint, his stylish and impractical outfit, his funky warship, his holier-than-thou monologues - that it all stays too superficial. If I had felt the rage of a son whose father died for his people, who felt like his people were turning their back on that sacrifice and wanted to avenge his father, or even just the warlord who really wanted to maintain the warrior ideals of his people against their ancient enemy because that is who his people are that could have made up for the slight overplaying, but Ronan is just another selfish dick who wants power and to kill a lot of people. It doesn’t feel grounded or internalized enough. The flaw here, I think, is a combination of the writing and the performance, but it’s not unbearable by any means. It just wasn’t quite rich enough for me.

I can’t even express my love for Bradley Cooper’s performance as Rocket. This poor, tortured, self-centered, mad, violent GENIUS of a character, a total rapscallion, who is so under-appreciated by the world around him, the world that created him. And after the crash- I can’t even. Nope.
Like with Groot, so much credit has to go to the VFX team. They did a truly spectacular job creating these characters and giving them life. Groot’s charming smile and Rocket’s sneer are vital components to the characters and the film would not have been what it was without the team who brought these guys to life. (Big round of applause for the VFX team. And another one, because these guys are the backbone of the entire entertainment industry and they don’t get a fraction of the recognition they deserve.)
Dave Bautista’s Drax didn’t resonate as much with me as the other characters, but he did a great job. I love the literal nature of the character, and I ADORED the byplay between him and Gamora. I’m a big fan of insults between allies.

The supporting cast was great as well. Djimon Hounsou, Michael Rooker, John C. Reilly, and Peter Serafinowicz all pulled in strong performances and fully realized characters. Peter’s Denarian Saal could have been a very forgettable role but actually of these four men he had the most impact on me, despite being the smallest role.

As for the visuals, don’t get me started. This is fully visualized, high-end scifi here. Xandar looked a bit like if “Star Trek: Into Darkness“‘s San Francisco had a baby with the Presidium from the Citadel of the ‘Mass Effect’ video game series. Absolutely gorgeous. Even the simplest graphics showing the basic info for locations, like a planet’s name as the ship approaches it, were beautifully done. (In fact, you should still be clapping for the visual effects team from when I told you to do it before. If you weren’t, scroll back to the bit about Rocket and Groot, start clapping, and don’t stop until you’re back to this bit. That’s all for you VFX people!)

I also really appreciated the way the camera observes Chris Pratt. This was almost ‘female gaze’ levels of adoration. This is a movie that loves its star. For each of the few shots that followed Zoe Saldana’s ass observantly, there are a dozen loving close-ups of Chris’s expressive face. Don’t get me wrong - I love Zoe Saldana’s ass, too - but not half as much as I love Chris’s beautiful visage.
And also his rockin’ bod’.
Seriously, Chris, call me.

So, all in all, I give “Guardians of the Galaxy” a solid stamp of approval. And by that I mean I’m shouting this from the fucking rooftops:


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30th July 2014

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